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Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg. The city has a beautiful forest and lake scenery. We know the city as a former residence of Prussia with the numerous and unique palace and gardens.

Today, Potsdam is a modern city and a major science center in Germany. In addition to the big variety of attractions which can be done in Potsdam you can also make different trips in the surrounding area. Tourism is an important economic dimensions for the state capital of Potsdam.

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Potsdam sightseeing

The Sanssouci Palace
The Sanssouci Palace can be found in the eastern part of the park in Potsdam. It was built between 1745-1747 by architect Georg Wenceslaus. This small summer palace was built in the rococo style, which is now one of the masterpiece of German Rococo architecture. The name Sanssouci is a result of the request and theme of King Frederick the Great. The castle is situated on the vineyard. The room equipment, consists of twelve rooms of the 18th Century, now draw visitors from all over the world.
The priory church of St. Peter and Paul
The priory church of St. Peter and Paul in Potsdam is located in the downtown area. The church was built in the years 1867-1870 according to the plans of August Stüler and Wilhelm Salzenburg. The church has a Greek cross, with almost 60 meters high, Italian bell tower. There are three paintings by Antoine Pesne, one of the greatest artists of the Baroque and Rococo, in the church. The city of Potsdam has a variety of visual arts such as paintings and sculptures. The main works can be visit in the castles, museums and picture galleries.
The Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is located at the western end of the Brandenburger Strasse in Potsdam, which runs in the opposite direction to the church of St. Peter and Paul. The gate was built in 1770 by Carl von Gontard and Georg Christian Unger on behalf of Frederick II. The gate was named "The Brandenburg Gate" because you had to pass through the gate on the way to Brandenburg. It resembles a Roman triumphal arch with two completely different design pages.
The old market
The old market is a central square, which includes the historic city center and is located in the downtown area. The square is framed by the University of Potsdam, the Nikolai Church, the Old Town Hall and the Knobelsdorf house. In the mid-18th Century, the old market was designed as a Roman square with the Old Town Hall, St. Nicholas church, the marble obelisk and the City Palace. In 1945 the square was redesigned because only a few buildings survived the second World War .

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